Power Tools

here are various types of power tools, e.g., electric screwdriver, hammer drills, and fast screw guns.

Drill bit

Different types of drill bits made for steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, sheet metal, fiberglass, brick, vinyl flooring and more are also available.

MS nails

Iron nails are the most common and are suitable for wood, textiles and leather. Steel nails are more suitable for building materials (concrete, bricks…).

MS Sheet

Mild steel plates or structural steel plates are just sheet material made of steel that can be utilized to make an immense assortment of items and structures.

MS Angle

The most commonly used MS angle or metal angle is the one that forms a 90-degree angle with two sides of equal length and width.

MS nut Bolt

The most common type is a hexagonal nut, which has six sides and is usually turned by a wrench.

Screw driver

A ratchet screwdriver with a good, solid mechanism will allow you to turn screws with greater speed and higher torque.

Cutting pliers

Diagonal cutting pliers are also widely used for removing pins and nails as well. If you want to cut a wire hanger, for example, this is a good option.

Hacksaw frame

Heavy duty hacksaw frames made of flat steel bar size 18 x 8 mm with a wooden handle

Safety Belt

It is worn to arrest a fall and protect a worker from a sudden descent and associated hazards when working at an elevated height.

Safety Jacket

These safety vests are available in different types, namely class 1 vest, class 2 vest, and class 3 vest.

Safety Shoe

Like all other protective equipment, safety boots and shoes are designed to minimise the risk of injury and reduce the severity of any injuries that may occur.

Hand Gloss

protection to your hands, fingers, thumbs and wrists against particular external forces, chemicals, elements and hazards in the workplace.

Tie Rod

When they're in good shape, they give you smooth, responsive steering.

Threaded rod

Threaded rods have many applications, effectively working as a pin to fasten or connect two materials together.